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  • Assess the child or adolescent's cognitive functioning.

  • Clarify reports from prior assessments that are burdensome or unclear.

  • Streamline and consolidate findings from multiple reports.

  • Help translate report recommendations into a treatment plan that is appropriate for the child or adolescent and their family.


  • ​Help the child or adolescent express their feelings, cope with stressors, and understand their diagnosis.

  • Specialize in:

    • Autism​ Spectrum Disorder

    • ADHD

    • Anxiety

    • Parenting Strategies

  • Support the child or adolescent to achieve their unique potential.

  • Help the family understand and process their feelings about their child or adolescent's diagnosis.


  • Help the child or adolescent and their family understand the special education process.

  • Empower the child or adolescent and their family to advocate on the child or adolescent’s behalf.

  • Support at school-based meetings.

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